10pcs IKT Hair Wax Stick For Fly Aways


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Hair Tamer Stick For Smoothing Flyaways & Taming Frizz

100% New quality

Weight: 75g


Nourish hair: Nutrition adheres to the hair surface and repairs damaged hair scales

Repair hair scales: Nutritional essence penetrates into the hair to fill and lock in moisture and nutrition

Finishing your hair: Keep your hair clean and tidy, all styles are clean and dry

Easy to use: apply a small amount of flat push and break the hair

Small and cute, you can carry it with you

Quick set, long lasting


1. Dip some water with a fine-toothed comb, and use a comb to smooth the small hair along the required finishing direction.

2. Twist out a part of the hair-breaking rod, twist out a small amount each time, and apply evenly (the attention should be small).

3. Apply a few times (smear in the same direction) on the small broken hair that needs to be trimmed along the place to be trimmed, and apply a small amount evenly.

4. After the application, use a fine-toothed comb to comb it again, so that the small pieces of hair will be subdued.

Package includes: 10pcs broken hair finishing paste

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