MOPOYAT- Stretch Mark Cream Repair/ Postpartum Scar Treatment Old or New Scars Skincare


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MOPOYAT Stretch Mark Cream Repair Postpartum Scar Relaxation Line Abdominal Stretch Mark Treatment Old and New Scars Skincare
【YOUR BODY IS BEAUTIFUL】 Stop worrying about minor imperfections and love your body as it is! Even if you have a skin that shines like a Greek goddess, there is a possibility that you have stretch marks or scars on at least part of your body. Maybe they are not the most beautiful things in the world, but that is part of life. Still, it is natural to want to improve and we are here to help!
【IMPROVES THE SKIN】 Intensely moisturizes the skin; Visibly improves the appearance of stretch marks, this stretch marks cream regenerates and moisturizes the skin. Prevents stretch marks in puberty due to sudden weight changes or loss of elasticity of the skin.
【Use】 Use daily after showering for best results. The massage cream for stretch marks is odorless and should not be used on broken skin.
【Safe Tip】 Patch test on the skin before first use. if skin irritation occurs, stop use. Keep out of the reach of children and pets.

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One Unit

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stretch marks removal



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Mainland China

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Stretch mark cream to remove stretch marks


strech mark remover cream

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for pregnant women


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